"Works on Paper" is a series of photographs of folded A4 sheets of blank paper, which when exhibited are enlarged to mimic the scale of gallery painting. A range of papers is used: squared, graph, isometric dot and everyday photocopier paper. The sheets are carefully folded and then photographed square on under raking light.


"Folds" focusses on the walls of the ubiquitous, cheaply built warehouses, distribution centres, industrial units or commercial outlets found on the fringes of towns and cities across Europe. The blank, corrugated metal surfaces offer morbid echoes of the purist forms of high modernist painting and architecture.


"Margins" is a series of photographs taken alongside motorways in Belgium, England, France and The Netherlands. They examine the spaces alongside the carriageways, spaces that are marginal in two complementary senses. Quite obviously they are the physical margins of the road, but they are also marginal in that, despite occupying substantial tracts of land, they go unnoticed and unremarked.


"Thread" consists of photographs of lengths of gold thread stretched across a single flat plane and photographed under subdued lighting. The images take on the characteristics of line drawings and create illusions of depth by using systems such as perspective and isometric projection. The series emerged as a response to the “Structural Constellations” drawings of Josef Albers and the description of gently illuminated golden thread in Junichiro Tanizaki’s aesthetic treatise “In Praise of Shadows”.


"Windows" is essentially about framing. Isometric shapes made from gold leaf are presented within framing devices that are themselves isometric projections. The shape of the window we look through determines the way we can see the content and in particular the fictive space inside the frame. The prints themselves are made by a direct to media processes on a brushed aluminuium substrate with the raw substrate itself being visible as the framing area.